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Content hubs

Content hubs

The Economist has amazing editorial content, yet there was no way of collating articles on a specific subject to serve to the readers as an immersive experience.

Working with the editors and the head of FE development, I designed the content hub concept as a vehicle to collate and curate stories on a specific subject.

These fully responsive overview pages are destination pages that have proven to increase traffic by making content more discoverable and easier to browse.

A modular and scalable approach infuses all my design work, and these hubs exemplify this. The hubs have now been made into an easy to use tool to enable journalists to create and curate their own topic collections.

UK election hub May 2015

This was an expanded iteration on the basic hub, with bespoke navigation and varied templates. Multimedia and interactives designed responsively, and to work at tile level were also included to increase reader engagement.

Working with the print design team we created a common visual language with the election hub and the print election special.


UK election hub

Economist Films Hub

Climate change hub